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Ghazal Fragrances

Bakhoor Noora | Scent of Lush Forests

Bakhoor Noora | Scent of Lush Forests

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Bakhoor Noora

🌿🌼🌬️ Imagine a fresh, cool bakhoor scent as a tranquil morning in nature.🌄 Picture dewdrops glistening on leaves, a gentle breeze caressing your skin as you wander through a serene forest.🍃 Bakhoor Noora unfolds like a misty morning, with hints of freshly picked spearmint leaves. 🍃

🍋 Its citrus notes dance lightly, reminiscent of a zesty lemon grove warmed by the sun's embrace.💧 It's like standing beside a clear river, where the water flows pure and the air carries the scent of renewal.

🏞️ A breath of rain-kissed air over a lush, green landscape, it embodies the purity of nature's rebirth.🌲 It's a gentle serenade to your senses, evoking the tranquility of an untouched, pristine wilderness.

🌬️ As you breathe it in, a sense of peace envelops you.🌳 It's like strolling along a forest path, the air crisp and refreshing, renewing your spirit with each inhalation.

Bakhoor Noora - 30g
Indian Oud and Musk
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