About Us



Ghazal (pronounced : Guzzle) is one of the most popular forms of poetry across the Middle East and South Asia. A Ghazal is a poem that is made up like an odd numbered chain of couplets, where each couplet is an independent poem. We’re redefining the meaning of Ghazal along with the perfume oil industry by sharing our belief that “Not all poetry is read…”

Established in 2021, our mission is to raise awareness of perfume oils and attars. Although very popular in other parts of the world, it is relatively niche here in Canada, and North America as a whole. Our handmade fragrances makes an attempt at recreating the beauty of nature and express poetry as a scent.

We want to share our passion and love for these vast fragrances with the rest of the world and have created a customer centric brand to help each individual find the scent that works for them.

The human brain is capable of distinguishing between one million scents and smell plays a huge role in our day to day lives. The right fragrance can help alter mood completely. Our perfume oils/attar is an environmentally friendly, safer, and lasting alternative to alcohol based perfume or cologne. Authentic essential attars oils are created without the use of any synthetic products using a wide array of natural materials such as wood, flowers, herbs and spices. 

It is our hope to create a Canadian brand that can provide a wide range of high quality fragrances while curating a community for individuals with a passion for balanced, fresh and rich scents.