How To Use Empty Perfume Bottles?

How To Use Empty Perfume Bottles?

With so many of us buying new perfume & cologne, you may start to wonder what to do with old perfume bottles that are all used up. Well, we got some ideas for you!

1. Upcycle them into decorative items: With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your empty perfume bottles into decorative items for your home. For example, you can glue some beads or sequins onto the bottle to create a sparkly vase, or you can fill the bottle with sand or shells to create a beach-themed decoration.

2. Use them as travel-sized containers: If you have a smaller bottle that's the perfect size for travel, consider using it to store small amounts of your favorite beauty products. This is a great way to take your favorite products on the go without having to carry around larger containers.

3. Donate them to a fragrance recycler: Many fragrance companies have programs in place to recycle empty bottles and packaging (full disclosure - we do not have that at the moment). Check with your favorite perfume brand to see if they have a recycling program, or look for a fragrance recycler in your area that will accept your empty bottles.

4. Recycle them through your local recycling program: If your empty perfume bottles are made of glass, you can recycle them through your local recycling program. Just be sure to check with your local recycling center to see what materials they accept, as not all centers accept glass.

5. Repurpose them into something functional: If you have a larger bottle, consider using it to store small items such as bobby pins or paper clips. You could also fill the bottle with water and use it as a vase for fresh flowers.

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